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METAMORPHOSE V.3 Heavy Oversized Hoody

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  • Stoff 100% Baumwolle
  • Schwere Baumwolle 460GSM.
  • Fronttasche
  • Cropped Fit
  • Hochwertiger Druck

Schwerer Oversized MJ Gonzales Hoody in gewohntem MJG Fit mit hochwertigem Druck, hergestellt aus unserem hochwertigen 460gsm Baumwollstoff.

Entworfen in Österreich von MJ Gonzales.

METAMORPHOSE V.3 Heavy Oversized Hoody
METAMORPHOSE V.3 Heavy Oversized Hoody Angebot69,99 €


Confidence in every stitch: M.J.Gonzales garments are made for the bold, the fearless, and those who want to make their mark.

Unmistakable prints: Our large, attention-grabbing prints are designed to help individuals express themselves without reservation.

Constant innovation: We're committed to offering fresh, exciting products. With a minimum of 6 drops per year, customers can always expect something new.