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METAMORPHOSE V.2 Heavy Oversized Hoody

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  • Stoff 100% Baumwolle
  • Schwere Baumwolle 460GSM.
  • Fronttasche
  • Gekürzte Passform
  • Hochwertiger Druck

Schwerer Oversized MJ Gonzales Hoody in , gewohnter MJG Fit mit hochwertigem Druck, hergestellt aus unserem hochwertigen 460gsm Baumwollstoff.

Entworfen in Österreich von MJ Gonzales.

METAMORPHOSE V.2 Heavy Oversized Hoody
METAMORPHOSE V.2 Heavy Oversized Hoody Angebot69,99 €


Confidence in every stitch: M.J.Gonzales garments are made for the bold, the fearless, and those who want to make their mark.

Unmistakable prints: Our large, attention-grabbing prints are designed to help individuals express themselves without reservation.

Constant innovation: We're committed to offering fresh, exciting products. With a minimum of 6 drops per year, customers can always expect something new.